Thursday, October 4, 2018

Altuve's speed and power drop off

Here are some of his numbers each of the last 3 years.

ISO) .193-.201-.135
1B/AB) .227-.232-.234
BB/PA) .084-.088-.092
SO/PA) .098-.127-.132

Big drop in isolated power this year. It does not seem like the rise in his SO/PA is the reason because it did not go up much this year and when it went up quite a bit last year, the power was there.

He seems to be getting singles and walks at about the same rate as before (if not a bit better). He had 23 fewer extra base hits (67-44) this year than last year (he did play 16 fewer games but if games were even and he had the same extra base hits per game he would only go up to 49 or 18 fewer).

Why are SBs down so much? Since he got on base by singles and walks at about the same rate or better as last year, why drop from 32 to 17? (it would be 19 in the same number of games as last year)

Is it a coincidence that SBs and power both dropped off at the same time? Did he have a leg injury that affected both?

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