Monday, November 25, 2019

Some Amazing Stats On Joe DiMaggio On His Birthday; Factoring In How Much Yankee Stadium Might Have Hurt Him Raises His Rank In WAR

These are all posts from a few years ago:

Which Players Had The Best HR-To-Strikeout Ratios? Taking league average and park effects into account, DiMaggio had one of the best HR to strikeout rates ever.

Joe DiMaggio Led MLB In Road Slugging Percentage, 1936-51.

Should Joe DiMaggio's Offensive Value Be Estimated Upwards Because Of Yankee Stadium? If he had normal home/away splits, his numbers would be much more impressive. He would have a career OBP of .413 and a career SLG of .621.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Biggest world series upsets by OPS differential (with this year being 4th)

I used data from Retrosheet and Baseball Reference (the one year missing is 1903 since neither site has OPS allowed for the pennant winners). This is based on regular season OPS differential.

So this year was the 4th biggest upset.

Of course, maybe late season OPS differential could be a factor. But as I recall, there is research that says if a team is hot late in the season it does not necessarily translate into success in the post-season.

But late in the season, the Astros' advantage over the Nats only grew. In the 2nd half Houston had a .222 OPS differential while Washington had .098. In Sept/Oct, those numbers were .276 and .072.

Year Winner OPS DIFF Loser OPS DIFF Diff
1906 CHW 0.003 CHC 0.131 -0.128
1969 NYM 0.017 BAL 0.136 -0.119
1921 NYG 0.050 NYY 0.155 -0.105
2019 WSN 0.070 HOU 0.167 -0.097
2006 STL -0.010 DET 0.052 -0.062
1974 OAK 0.048 LAD 0.109 -0.061
1995 ATL 0.062 CLE 0.121 -0.059
2003 FLA 0.032 NYY 0.089 -0.057
1914 BSN 0.036 PHA 0.09 -0.054
2011 STL 0.049 TEX 0.102 -0.053
1931 STL 0.056 PHA 0.109 -0.053