Monday, May 28, 2012

White Sox Score 52 Runs In Last 5 Games, A Major League High This Year

And they won all five games, too. The next highest 5 game total this year is 48, by the Rangers. If anyone knows the all-time record, let me know. The 1950 Red Sox scored 82 runs in a five game stretch (17-12-4-20-29). How did the 4 get in there?

Here the White Sox last five games:


Konerko leads MLB in AVG with .399. He also leads the AL in OBP with .476 and is 2nd to Hamilton (.753) in SLG with .681. Konerko leads Hamilton in OPS+ 211-204. Konerko's best year ever in OPS+ was 160 in 2010 and the next highest was 142 ion 2011. So this year is a big jump up for him.

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