Friday, May 25, 2012

Pete Palmer Has A New Book

Well,  maybe not real new since it came out last September. Tom Tango mentioned this at his blog. It is called Basic Ball: New Approaches for Determining the Greatest Baseball, Football, and Basketball Players of All-Time. Here is the Amazon description:

"Basic Ball is a three-for-one deal. Fans who enjoy the three American Sports - football, baseball and basketball - will love Basic Ball. Pete Palmer, inventor of the on-base percentage stat and winner of the 2010 Ralph Hay Award from the Professional Football Research Association, has combined with Dave Heeren, creator of the TENDEX formula for basketball to give the reader the most effective statistical methods for rating players and teams in these three sports. They introduce new theories and formulas to analyze the players at the basic level. Each sport is covered in a full section and more than a hundred pages of databases that give statistical ratings for baseball's greatest hitters and pitchers; the best NFL players of All-time; and every active and retired NBA and ABA basketball player."

Palmer was doing some pretty advanced linear weights analysis back in the 60s. See Pete Palmer’s All-Time All-Star Team, 1969.

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