Saturday, January 5, 2013

Who was the youngest pitcher to ever win a game in major league baseball since 1900? Rogers Hornsby. Rogers Hornsby McKee, that is.

He was born in 1926 and named after the great 2B man. He pitched a few games during WWII and played in the minors for several years after that, although not as a pitcher since he hurt his arm. He is still alive. He hit 33 HRs one year and batted .357 for Baton Rouge in 1953. Here are links to some articles about him:

A career in a moment by Scott Fowler of the The Charlotte Observer. On thing it says is that in 2009 the Phillies "paid for McKee and his entire family to come to Philadelphia for alumni night and honored him on their field."

eBay Item of the Day: Named for Greatness by Jim Baker, featuring a picture autographed by McKee. Jim has lots of info about the game he won.

A short biography at Baseball Reference

Where Are They Now: Rogers McKee by Larry Shenk, writing for the Phillies link at

A baseball star -- for one day from Scott Fowler's blog.

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