Thursday, October 4, 2012

Trout Vs. Cabrerra: A Conventional Approach

Cabrerra beat Trout in AVG, .330-.326. If Trout had just 3 more hits, he bats .331. I think everyone agrees that Trout was a much better fielder. He probably took away at least 3 more hits than Cabrerra.

Trout had 49 SBs while Cabrerra had 4. How many SBs might a HR be worth? What if we said 7? That gives Trout 7 and Cabrerra .571. So if we had 6.3 HRs to Trouts total of 30. So that gets him to 36. Then Trout robbed 4-5 guys of HRs this year. So that puts him around 40 and very close to Cabrerra.

Cabrerra led the league in RBIs but Trout led in runs. That has to count for something. Trout was 20 ahead of Cabrerra here (yes, Cabrerra beats Trout 139-83 in RBIs)

Cabrerra grounded into 28 DPs to lead the league. His RBI/GDP ratio was 4.96. Trout grounded into just 7 DPs. His ratio was 11.86. When you calculate value, you have to count the good with the bad. Cabrerra's RBIs were costly in terms of GDPs. Not so for Trout. Even by the conventional stats, Trout looks pretty good.

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