Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Trout Leads League In OPS+ And SBs And Runs

Sort of a triple crown. I found only 5 other players since 1901 who led the league in OPS+ and SBs in the same season


Some of them did it more than once. They all had at least one of those years as the runs scored leader, too. Stirnweiss did it in a war year, 1945. Don't forget that Trout had only 5 CS to go along with his 49 SBs. Probably the best % of any of these guys (although these days the league average is high so I should look into doing it relative to the league average).

I searched this by realizing that 15 SBs was the lowest league leading total and 144 was the lowest OPS+ leader. Then I had the Baseball Reference Play Index call up all the guys who had those numbers as a minimum. There were 383 cases and I scanned for bold black on SBs for the leaders and found these guys.

Trout went 2 for 3 tonight with a HBP while Cabrerra went 0 for 2. Trout led him in OPS+ 169-167 before tonight. Trout did not steal any bases (had 1 CS). Rajai Davis had 1 SB to get to 46. Trout entered the night with a 129-109 lead in runs scored over Cabrerra.

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