Friday, July 2, 2010

Did Koufax Have The Best Peak Ever?

Dave Studeman brought this up topic up earlier this week at The Hardball Times with Koufax’s peak. I have done some research on a related note. It is not as sophisticated as what Dave has done since it is not clutch-based. But I did not find that Koufax had the best peak. This is after taking park effects and league averages into account. Also, I tried only using fielding independent stats. Here are the links:

Bert Blyleven: As Dominating as Sandy Koufax

How Good Was Sandy Koufax Outside of Dodger Stadium? ((I compared him to Gibson, Marichal and Bunning)

The Best Five-Year Pitching Performances Since 1920 Based on Fielding Independent ERA

The Best Five-Year Pitching Performances

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