Friday, June 3, 2022

The 1969 Mets' miraculous HRs allowed record (23 straight games without allowing one)

The 1969 Mets allowed 113 HRs in their first 127 games. Then they went 23 straight games without allowing a HR. All data from Baseball Reference and Stathead.

That is the longest such streak since 1946. The next longest is 17. Here are the leaders since 1946

Thru their first 127 games, the Mets allowed .89 HRs per game. Thru the end of August, the league average was .80 per game (the Mets 23 game streak started near the end of Aug. on the 30th and they played a double header on the 31st). So the Mets were a little worse than average in allowing HRs then put a record setting streak together, one well ahead of the next best streak since 1946.

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