Thursday, July 19, 2018

A three true outcome All-Star game

Not only was there an above average number of HRs in the game, there was a slightly above average number of walks and strikeouts.

There were 9 walks in 10 IP.  The MLB average per team is 3.3 per 9 IP. So that would be 6.6 for two teams. 9 in 10 is above average.

There were 25 strikeouts in the game or 12.5 per team. The MLB average per 9 IP is 8.5.

Half of the hits were HRs. 10 out of 20.

The average team gets 7.3 non-HR hits per game. So you would expect 14.6 in 9 innings. But in 10 innings there were only 10.
Maybe most all-star games are like this. But this game did shatter the HR record.

Update July 24: Diane Firstman tweeted on July 20 "it was an all-time record high of 48.9% (44 TTO / 90 PAs)."

Her blog is Value Over Replacement Grit: We are the VORG. Replacement is futile. Her poster presentation on TTOs won an award at the recent SABR convention. See SABR 48: Maddox, Firstman win 2018 convention presentation awards.

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