Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Has Andrelton Simmons been in a fielding slump the last 12 games?

Andrelton Simmons field WAR was 5.1 12 games ago and it is 5.1 now. I think that means he has been just average the last 12 games if I understand how Baseball Reference does it. Suppose he has been like a .400 hitter as a fielder this year and a .250 hitter is average. I used my Excel program to calculate the binomial probability of a .400 hitter getting 12 or fewer hits in 12 games (48 ABs). It gave me 2.2%. Is that significant? Is that low enough to say he is in a slump? Or would we expect a .400 hitter to have an occassional run of 12 games only hitting .250?

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