Sunday, November 4, 2012

Did Darwin Barney And Brendan Ryan Go Into Fielding Slumps The Last Two Months Of The Season?

As of August 1st, Barney had 3.3 defensive WAR (in 99 games) and Ryan had 3.2 (in 95 games). But Barney finished with a defensive WAR of 3.6, meaning he only got .3 in his last 57 games. Ryan also finished with 3.6, meaning he got .3 in his last 46 games. Does anyone know what happened? Did they make more errors? Did they get to fewer balls? Their pace sure fell off quite a bit. But they both finished tied for the 38th best fielding season ever with 13 other players.


Bradley Woodrum said...

Excellent question. Wish I knew the answer, but I am sadly not one of the about 5 people who watched the final games of either of those teams.

Cyril Morong said...

It was really that many people who watched? Thanks for reading and commenting. Looks like you are a Cubs fan. Is that right? Full disclosure: I am a White Sox fan. Grew up in the southwest suburbs

Bradley Woodrum said...

Yeah, I am unfortunately a Cubs fan. Despite that, I probably watched about 10 games out of their last 50. It was a tough stretch.