Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How Is That 23 Year Old Phenom Pitcher Doing? You Know, The One Whose Last Name Starts With S?

Oh, you mean Chris Sale of the White Sox. Pretty well. His career stats are in the table below.

Now his being a reliever in 2010-11 helps, since relievers usually have better stats than starters. From 2007-11, relievers had, on average, an ERA that was .037 lower than starters. Sale, a lefty, also has faced left handed batters about 40% of the time. So that helps him. But he is certainly doing well this year as a starter. In 32 IP, he has an ERA of 2.81, with 24 hits allowed and 8 walks, 29 strikeouts and just 2 HRs allowed. If Strasburg had Sale's career stats or stats this year, I doubt anyone would think he was not living up to his potential.


Anonymous said...

As much as this makes me realize that Chris Sale hasn't been getting the attention he deserves... I also notice there's a big difference between them when you look at their FIP. If I'm calculating it right, Sale's got about a 3.08 FIP, compared to Strasburg's 1.91 FIP.

Cyril Morong said...

Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Good point. The difference in HRs allowed probably accounts for alot of that. Only 5 HRs in 124 IP is incredible and I think he has not allowed a HR in his last 63 IP!

But even if Strasburg had the 3.08 FIP ERA, he would still look like he was living up to his potential.

Cyril Morong said...


Is that FIP ERA adjusted for park effects or league average?