Friday, November 5, 2010

The Weather Was Nice For The World Series But How Was It In Some Other Major League Cities?

I have wondered what things would have been like if the Twins had made it to the World Series. Imagine night games, outside, in Minnesota, in the last week of October and the first week of November. So while I watched the series, I checked the temperatures in various cites using Accu Weather. The data I collected can be seen at World Series Weather 2010.

The first column gives the temperature and the second column says "wind ch" for wind chill. I think that is what Accu Weather means by real feel. I also recored the local time (they were all PM, inspite of my typos). In the last column I mention any description that Accu Weather gave, like showers if it was raining at that time or if showers were on the way. In some cases they said something about wind gusts. On Nov. 1 at 7:11 pm, it was 47 degrees in Minneapolis with wind gusts over 40 MPH. That would have made for a fun game as the night went on (I don't know why Accu Weather showed a "real feel" of 46 degrees with such strong winds-I also don't know why the real feel was sometimes higher than the stated temperature).

There were some low temps out there but probably not anything we have not seen in recent years. October 28 in Cleveland had a temp of 43, wind chil of 30 and showers. That would have been no fun to play in. So it seems that no city realized my worst fear of sub-freezing weather and snow when a game was supposed to be played.

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