Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blue Jays Set Isolated Power Record

Including the last game of the year, their team AVG is .248 while their SLG is .454. That gives them an ISO of .206, beating the record of .204 by the 1997 Mariners. The Blue Jays finish with 257 HRs, tied for 3rd best ever. They are the 14th team to have 240+ HRs and one of 7 of those teams to have 300+ 2Bs.

Their ISO was about 40% better than the league average since .206/.147 = 1.40. That is 6th best every and 2nd best since 1920, trailing only the fabled 1927 Yankees (don't call the cliche police on me-fabled is the only word I could think of). See my post from May 31 called Blue Jays On Record Power Pace.

They did hit better at home, with an ISO of .233 there and .182 on the road.

If we just looked at their road ISO relative to the league average, it would be .182/.147 = 1.238. So that was 23.8% above the league average and it would have been 34th best between 1920 and 2009. Pretty impressive.

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