Wednesday, September 29, 2010

May Day, May Day! Throw Konerko A Life Preserver

In his career, here is his OPS for each month starting with April


I noticed he had a bad May again this year. In every year of his career his OPS is lower in May than it is for the season. Sometimes alot lower. Has anyone ever seen anything like this? Is it unusual? Any reason why?

The White Sox have played more road games in May than home games during the course of his career. But that probably would not account for much of the difference. His career home OPS is .919 while on the road it is .791. That is only a .128 difference. But notice that it falls .150 and then goes back up .206. Those changes are much larger than his home/road split. If he were a slow starter, then April would be low. If he tailed off as the weather got hot, June would be low. But both April and June are high.

His OPS was .712 in May this year while it is .971 overall. His next lowest month this year is Sept. at .895. April was 1.197 while June was 1.000.

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