Saturday, July 4, 2009

Albert Pujols Has A Good Chance To Win The Triple Crown

He leads the NL in both HRs and RBIs by 7. He is 2nd in AVG with .336 while Hanley Ramirez is hitting .344. But I compared Pujols to Ramirez and the rest of the NL top ten in AVG, and based on previous performances, Pujols has done much better in AVG. The table below shows the current averages of the NL top 10. It also shows what they hit in 2008, their current career average, and their highest average before 2008.

In terms of what he hit last year, his career average and his high average, Pujols is well ahead of the other guys in the top ten. Sandoval only had 145 ABs in 2008 and only has 422 so far in his career. Pujols also has a history of hitting well after the All-Star break. Last year it was .366 and for his career it is .344. Looks like he has a good chance to lead in AVG once the season is over.

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