Monday, June 8, 2009

Should We Keep An Eye On The Rockies?

They just swept the Cardinals in a 4 game series in St. Louis. Prior to the series, the Rockies were 21-32 and the Cards were 31-23. And last year the Cards won 12 more games (84 vs. 76).

The Rockies also won their last game in Houston just before going on to St. Louis, beating the Astros 10-3. The scores against the Cards were 11-4, 10-1, 7-2 and 5-2. So no game was close. Also, before that win against the Astros, the Rockies had been averaging only 3.83 runs per game on the road. Then they score 43 in 5 games. The starting pitchers they faced were not a bad lot. Below are their names followed first by their ERAs going into the game with the Rockies and their ERAs from last year.

Wandy Rodríguez-2.26, 3.54
Adam Wainwright-3.38, 3.20
Todd Wellemeyer-5.05, 3.71
Joel Piñeiro-3.86, 5.15
Brad Thompson-4.12, 5.15

No all-stars, but they are capable major league hurlers. Combined they have to be at least average. Fellow SABR member Dean Hendrickson suggested that firing Clint Hurdle is what changed things. I sure don't know.

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