Saturday, May 30, 2009

Texas Rangers On A Pace To Set Power Hitting Records

I did not check to see if this was mentioned anywhere, but the Rangers have a team isolated power (ISO) of .217 through 48 games (a .485 SLG and .268 AVG). The all-time single season record for a team is .204 by the 1997 Mariners. The Yankees have .205 so far this year. The Phillies have .199, equal to the NL record set by the 2000 Astros. The Rangers have 80 HRs in 48 games which is a pace to hit 270, more that the record of 264 by 1997 Mariners. The Rangers are on a pace to get 651 extrabase hits. The 2003 Red Sox hold the record of 649.

The Rangers have 80 HRs in 1,671 ABs for a HR% of 4.79%. That is higher than the 4.70% record of the 1997 Mariners.

The Rangers only have a team OBP of .327 (the AL avg is .338). The power is probably why they are above average in runs per game (5.27 vs. 4.88). Just imagine if Josh Hamilton were hitting.

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