Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pujols Has His Worst Month Ever In OPS+, By Far

The table below shows his OPS+ for every month of his career. 100 is average and it adjusts for the league average in each month and park effects. Now this April was his worst calender month. It is possible that he had a worse 23 game stretch sometime in his career (he played 23 games in April). But when you look at each individual month, it is hard to see when that would have happened because he would have had to offset an OPS+ of 63 with an extremely high one in the other games.

He could have had an OPS+ of 63 over 23 games in June 2006 and then 177 over the other 7 (no problem for Pujols). That would get us 90. So for Pujols to have had an OPS+ of 63 over some other 23 game stretch is possible. But it seems unlikely if you look at his next worst month, the 110 in July 2001. If he had an OPS+ of 61 in 23 games that month the other 7 would need to be 263.

And I know, I recenlty posted Should The Angels Be Worried About Pujols? (and I basically said no). But his OPS was .668 then (4-18). Now it is .570. His AVG-OBP-SLG are .217-.265-.304. The league averages are .252-.318-.408. He did recover after a slow start last year in the first two months. But at least those were above average. The table shows all months with OPS+ < 120 in red. He has struck out once every 6.57 ABs this year. Last year it was 9.98 and for his career it is 8.91.

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