Sunday, November 30, 2014

Joe DiMaggio Led MLB In Road Slugging Percentage, 1936-51

Minimum 2500 PAs. Here is the top 10

Joe DiMaggio 0.610
Ted Williams 0.607
Stan Musial 0.581
Jimmie Foxx 0.528
Johnny Mize 0.528
Hank Greenberg 0.526
Ralph Kiner 0.525
Jeff Heath 0.514
Walker Cooper 0.511
Charlie Keller 0.510

Here is the top 10 in all games

Ted Williams 0.633
Hank Greenberg 0.619
Stan Musial 0.584
Ralph Kiner 0.582
Joe DiMaggio 0.579
Jimmie Foxx 0.573
Johnny Mize 0.568
Earl Averill 0.526
Hal Trosky 0.518
Charlie Keller 0.518

From 1939-51, here are the AVG-OBP-SLG for both DiMaggio and Williams in neutral parks (with Fenway and Yankee Stadium taken out)

DiMaggio) .335-.417-.605
Williams) .333-.469-.617

Yes, Williams beats DiMaggio in SLG. But it is fairly close, much closer than their career numbers. So under pretty much the same circumstances, DiMaggio slugged close to what Williams slugged. The big edge is OBP for Williams.

Now only looking at neutral parks leaves alot of PAs out of the analysis. But DiMaggio's stats put him almost on the level of the guy many say was the greatest hitter ever.

Data from Baseball Reference and the Baseball Reference Play Index.

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