Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weather In Some Major League Cities

With the World Series starting tonight, I wondered what the weather was like in other cities and what the conditions would be if the series was not in Boston or St. Louis.

Right now it is 35 in Minneapolis with a forecast low of 25 (according to AccuWeather). At least there is no snow. The wind is supposed to be under 10 mph all night.

It is 57 in Denver with a low of 35 tonight. Winds are light and no precipitation.

It is 41 in Chicago with 50% chance of rain. The low is supposed to be 33

It is 41 in Cleveland with a chance of rain and snow. The low is supposed to be 35.

Pittsburgh is at 39. They also have a chance of rain and snow with a low of 34.

Cincinnati is 40 with a low of 31

So things could be a bit worse than the 49 in Boston. It is 41 in St. Louis right now with a 40% chance of rain.

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