Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How Great A Fielder Is Andrelton Simmons?

So far this year he has 3.3 defensive WAR, according to Baseball Reference. With just a little more than a third of the season left, it seems like he could end up with 4.9 or even slightly higher. Here are the top 3 seasons ever. This includes all positions

Terry Turner  5.4 1906 147 games
Art Fletcher  5.1 1917 151 games
Mark Belanger  4.9 1975152 games

Simmons has played in 94 games this year. In his career, he has played in 143 games and has a defensive war of 5.7. That is comparable to what the guys above did. And simmons was 4th in the NL last year with a defensive WAR of 2.4 even though he only played in 49 games.


David said...

Admittedly, this may ALREADY be the best defensive season among those years in which DRS, rather than TotalZone, is used. Since everything before 2004 is using a different system, it might only be fair to compare him to other, post-2004 players.

Cyril Morong said...

Good point, thanks.