Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Josh Hamilton's Strange Season

He has 23 extra-base hits this year and only 20 RBIs. As I show later, he his hitting terribly with runners on base this year while in his career he has generally been pretty good. He is on  a pace to get 57 XBHs this year. Below is a list of all the players in the last 10 years to get 50+ XBHs yet have more XBHs than RBI. They tend to look like guys who bat 1-2 while Hamilton has been batting mostly 4-5 this year with 23 ABs batting 2.

I think Sizemore in 2006 was the only player ever to get 90+ XBHs in a season yet have more of those than RBI. He batted mostly leadoff. I think the record positive difference is Frank Baumholtz in 1953. He had 46 XBHs and 25 RBI. He was pretty much a 1-2 man.

Here are Hamilton's splits for this year and his career.


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