Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mike Trout's Season Is Now In The Top 100 Of All-Time And It Looks Like It Is Now The Greatest Rookie Season Ever

He now has a WAR of 9.1. Click here to see the leaders. Trout is tied for 94th. Actually 94th-103rd. He also is 2nd only to Babe Ruth's 1923 season in WAR per game (.0858). Click here to see that list. If Trout could get just .0429 WAR per game over the last 33 games, he would add 1.4 WAR. He would finish with 10.5. That would be the 24th highest ever.

Click here to see the rookie list.. I think Joe Jackson has the previous best rookie season at a WAR of 9.0.

Update: Through Aug. 30, Trout has slipped to 8.9 WAR

Update: Through Aug. 31, Trout is up to 9.2 WAR

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