Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How Much Will The Loss Of Cabrera Hurt The Giants?

He has had about .043 WAR per game this year (assuming 4.5 PAs per game). So over the next 45 games, it would be 1.94. If Gregor Blanco takes over, he would get .76 WAR (he had been averaging about .017 WAR per game). So that is a loss of 1.18 wins. Of course, this is only based on this year's stats. Blanco was not in the majors last year and as of now, his career WAR per game is .01. Last year Cabrera had .026 WAR per game. It is hard to say what the real talent level of each guy is. But if I use the latter 2 numbers, it will cost the Giants .72 wins. If I average that with the 1.18, we get .95 wins. So still in the range of about one less win.

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