Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lost RBIs Found, Part 2

This another guest post by Tom Ruane. The first part was Lost RBIs Of Ruth, Gehrig, Others Discovered

Nearly two weeks ago, I sent out a note on several games from 1920 to 1949 in which teams scored at least three runs without an official RBI. As I pointed out at the time, some of these seemed to be legitimate cases where no RBI should have been credited, but most appeared to be oversights on the part of the official scorer. Simply put, they forgot to fill in the RBIs on the sheets they submitted. In addition to providing information on these games, I asked for help locating detailed accounts of some of these games.

I would like to thank Mark Pankin, Ron Antonucci, Keith Carlson and Ron Selter for their help in locating accounts of all of the games on the "missing" list. I would also like to apologize in advance if I forgot to thank anyone.

I also decided to extend my search for missing RBIs by looking at all games where a team scored two runs without being credited with an RBIs. As expected, many of these were cases where both runs scored on errors, wild pitches, steals of home and so on. Others reflect a different interpretation of what an RBI was (and I will have more to say on this subject in a later post). And other cases are once again games in which it appears that the official scorer forgot about RBIs.

So here is an updated version of my earlier list, this time including those two runs games. Once again, the number before the date is the number of runs scored by the team in the game.

* - only source was newspaper box score
+ - missing a detailed account of the game

As you no doubt noticed, extending the search in this manner added a handful of new "missing" games:

1920-9-19(2) WS1 @ DET
1921-6-26 CIN @ SLN
1921-7-24 SLA V BOS
1922-6-27(1) BOS @ PHA
1923-5-27 SLA V CLE
1926-5-1 SLA V DET
1927-9-30 PHI @ BSN

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