Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Earth In The Balance (Or The (Im)balance Of Power)

Okay, this post isn't really about those things-I just wanted to get Al Gore and Star Trek (TOS) fans to read it. Well, the imbalance of power is not that far off. Anyway, various researchers have wondered about whether or not teams score more runs if they have a balanced lineup compared to an imbalanced one, holding overall talent/performance constant. The latest attempt was

Does a balanced offense score more than an imbalanced one? by mgl at The Book blog.

There have been earlier attempts to analyze this question. I think the evidence is mixed but various methods have been used. So if simulations, Markov chains, regressions, correlations, standard deviations and covariance are your thing, you'll enjoy all of these posts.

Aim For The Head: Are Balanced Lineups Better? by Keith Woolner

Lineup Balance by David Gassko

The Impact of Lineup Balance on Scoring, 1920-89 (by me)

Are "Balanced" Teams More Successful? (by me)

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