Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rangers Power Update

(or maybe we should call them the "Power Rangers") With 2/3 of the season having been played, the Rangers have 168 HRs. If we simply increse that by 50%, they would finish with 252, 4th best all time. I first wrote about this issue last May with Texas Rangers On A Pace To Set Power Hitting Records. Obviously the Rangers have tailed off in their power hitting since then. But their isolated power is still .201, which would be tied for 3rd all-time. Their HR% is 4.56. If they finish with that, they would be 2nd.

But they are only scoring an average number of runs per game (4.84, the league average is 4.83). The reason they are only averge in runs per game even though they are doing all this power hitting is that their OBP is only .317 while the league average is .335.

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