Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Berkman is on a hot streak, but Cecil Cooper had a few good ones, too

Berkman, of course, is on a great streak. He is batting .641 in May with a 1.205 SLG. You can click here to see his May stats. So Astro manager, Cecil Cooper, who was a pretty good major league hitter (he batted .352 one year) said:

"I was never in a streak like that. Never, ever."

He is either forgetting or being a little modest. He went 23 for 41 (.561 AVG) in a 10 game stretch in Aug 1980. Of course that is short of Berkman's 25 for 39 (.641) and Cooper had "only" 3 2Bs and 2 HRs. But that is still pretty darn good.

Through the first 11 games in 1979, Cooper had a .465 AVG and a .930 SLG over 43 ABs.

He also had 18 hits in 7 games in 32 ABs in a stretch in Aug 1981 for .563 AVG. and 29 TBs (a .906 SLG)

I got all these stats using Retrosheet.

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