Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What is that the lowest WAR ever to get MVP votes?

Ken Wood got MVP votes in 1950 (AL) with a -2.2 WAR. Dan Hirsch confirms that is the lowest ever. He also said these are the next lowest

J. Carter '90 -1.8
S. Dente '50 -1.6
E. Howard '67 -1.4
E. Auker '41 -1.3
G. Hamner '57 -1.1


Phil Birnbaum said...

Wow. These guys weren't just below average, they were below replacement. And someone thought they were MVP material.

Cyril Morong said...

Right. And not all of them were on contenders, either. Wood played on the Browns who finished 40 games out. His triple crown stats were


He was a rookie on the St. Louis Browns. How would anyone notice the guy? Did they think he played good defense? His dWAR was -1.2. He was a RFer