Sunday, August 18, 2013

How Has Miguel Cabrera Been Hitting In Inter-League Games Since 2008?

First, here are his overall AVG-OBP-SLG from 2008-2013 (which includes games against both the AL and NL)

AVG .328
OBP .407
SLG .592

Now what he has done in inter-league games from 2008-2013, over 466 PAs

AVG .311
OBP .376
SLG .546

I used the Baseball Reference Play Index and called up his plate appearances against all the NL teams, including the Astros, so this includes how he has hit against them this year (in 34 PAs .379-.471-.759). So it seems like he has hit better against AL pitchers and that although it is not a huge difference, it is clearly noticeable. It is surprising because over this period the AL has been winning most of the inter-league games.

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