Saturday, July 27, 2013

Astros Last Or Almost Last In Several Categories

Last in ERA+ with 84. Next lowest is Seattle, with 89.

Last in ERA with 4.96. Next highest is Toronto with 4.35. League average is 4.06

Last in runs per game allowed with 5.37. Next highest is Toronto with 4.84

Last in SO/BB ratio with 1.82. Next lowest is Minnesota at 2.08. League average is 2.51

About tied for last in walks per 9 IP with Cleveland at 3.7. League average is 3.0

13th in SO per 9 IP with 6.8. League average is 7.6

Last in HRs allowed per IP with 1.3. League average is 1.1. Ball park probably hurts. HR park factor of 1.06 from 2010-12. So it allows 6% more HRs. Yet Astros allow 18% more than average.

Last in hits per 9 IP with 9.8. League average is 8.8

Last in WHIP with 1.518. League average is 1.315.

Last in defensive efficiency rating (DER) .672. Next lowest is Detroit with .680. League average is .691

Last in fielding pct with .980. League average is .985. Detroit is 6th in (DER)

Next to last in OPS+ with 84. White Sox are last with 83.

Last in OPS with .669. Next lowest is NY with .678. League average is .727

Most strikeouts with 947. Next highest is Seattle with 853. League average is 761

12th in walks with 264. Baltimore is last with 250. League average is 313.87

Last in runs per game with 3.75. League average is 4.37

Last in TB with 1269 (tied with KC). League average is 1421.67

Next to last in SLG with .374 (NY has .371) League average is .407

Last in OBP with .295. White Sox are next with .303. League average is .320

Last in AVG with .235. NY, Sea, Oak, Min all have .243. League average is .256

Just about average in SBs with 59 (58 is avg). But most CS with 33. Pct is 64%. League average is 73.4%. Minn is last with 62%

Somehow they are just average at grounding into DPs. 11% of the chances

Their position players comine for a WAR of 2.3 and their pitchers have 1.7. So I guess they are just 4 wins above replacement.

One way to judge speed is 3B/(2B + 3B). It is an idea from Voros McCracken. The idea is that you need to be fast to turn extra base hits into 3Bs. Astors have .057 while the league average is .075. Astros are 12th. Seattle is last with .044

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