Saturday, July 2, 2011

So Far, Phil Humber Has Resembled Greg Maddux

A pleasant surprise for the White Sox, although it is only for half a season. Humber is not striking out alot of guys, but he is not walking many and he is not giving up many HRs. That is what Maddux did. Humber stats are close to Maddux's career averages.

The table below shows how Humber this year compares to Maddux's career numbers. Of course, Maddux pitched until he was 42. But even if I only went up to age 37, Humber would still be close and Maddux had a 143 ERA+, just a bit better than what Humber has this year.


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Jason Lukehart said...

Just saw this post from last year (thanks, Twitter!). It's a neat coincidence, because a few days ago I wrote this:
It's about pitcher's throwing complete game shutouts on less than 100 pitches, named "The Maddux" because one such game by him inspired the idea for me (and he threw more of them than anyone else). Three days later, it's done for the first time in 2012 by... Philip Humber!

Cyril Morong said...

That's a cool study you did and I saw it mentioned on Twitter. Thanks for dropping by and commenting